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Stoker Award Winners:

Stoker Award Winners

Peter Straub: 5 Stories

Peter Straub: Lost Boy Lost Girl

Peter Straub: In The Night Room

Tom Monteleone: The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association

Borderlands 5: edited by Elizabeth E. Monteleone and Thomas F. Monteleone

Dark Voices
is a unique series featuring the short fiction of dark fantasy writers. Each volume is comprised of a chapbook and a recording of the author reading his or her own work. Every recording contains original music written especially for each selection in the series, and has been engineered to highest industry standards.  Writers scheduled to appear in the series include Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, F. Paul Wilson, Beth Massie, Matt , Craig Shaw Gardner, Brian Keene, Gary Braunbeck, and others.
Dark Voices
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The Adversary Cycle
Adversary Cycle

F. Paul Wilson's Adversary Cycle is now available from Borderlands Press. Also available is a handsome case to hold all 6 books!

Each Case is hand made, fully lined, bevel-framed artwork, leather, and gold-stamped.

This is the Adversary Cycle Mural created by the popular artist Caniglia especially for our set of limited editions of the 6 volume Cycle. The mural is integrated into a hand-made ALL LEATHER DISPLAY CASE for the entire set of books. When all six volumes are placed in the case, the mural will be visible across the spines of the books and continued on each side of the case. A beautiful, unique item.

More info about the Adversary Cycle books and the case can be found here.

Little BooksLittle Books
The "Little Books" series features a themed set of stories for each book, written by world-renowned horror authors. More information about this series can be found here.

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The HungerWhitley Strieber’s Vampire Trilogy!
-The Hunger
-The Last Vampire
-Lilith's Dream

Borderlands Press is proud to assemble Whitley Strieber’s ground-breaking contributions to the genre’s collection of great vampire fiction.

The Hunger by Whitley Strieber with a special introduction by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

When Whitley Strieber published The Hunger, he established a new benchmark for excellence in the genre. Having been made into a stylish film by Tony Scott, The Hunger remains one of the great vampire novels of all time. We are happy to be offering it to you in a special, signed limited edition that will ensure its permanence and place on everyone's all-time lists.

The Last Vampire will contain an introduction by Ray Garton, and Lilith's Dream will have an introduction by Tim Lebbon.

The Hunger can be pre-ordered by calling 410-877-1821, and The Last Vampire and Lilith's Dream can be reserved by calling as well.


The "Little Books" series Continues With:

A Little Gold Book of Gruesome Stories

This final volume in the Little Book series is by a surprise contributor.  Watch this space for a future publication announcment.


More F. Paul Wilson, featuring:
-Black Wind

Black Wind:

After finishing the first three novels of what would become the Adversary Cycle, F. Paul Wilson began work on Black Wind, the longest, most intricately plotted and intensely researched novel of his career. To his dismay, Black Wind came to be known as his “lost novel.”

Wilson has never feared mixing genres, but with Black Wind, perhaps he went too far. No one knew how to position a novel that was at once a historical family saga spanning the Roaring Twenties to the final days of World War Two, and yet a conspiracy thriller as well, involving alternate history, cultural fanaticism, and wrenchingly dark supernatural horror.

“A stunner!” Dean Koontz

“A superb feast of storytelling.” Ramsey Campbell

“ Wilson’s best…absolutely irresistible!” Robert Bloch

“As irresistible as the sweep of a samurai blade!” Robert Shea

“Sharp and intelligent…a genuine page turner.” San Francisco Chronicle

“A fascinating novel…as much a character study as a confrontation between East and West.” The Baltimore Sun

Though considered by Wilson to be his best novel, Black Wind has been out of print for more than a decade. Borderlands Press will remedy that with a special new edition to be published in 2006.

Limited to 350 copies.

Signed, Limited edition: $100.00 - Available now!

Signed, Lettered traycased edition (bound in silk and leather): $350.00. Reserve yours now!





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