Night of Broken Souls by Thomas F. Monteleone


Around the globe, people suddenly start having blackouts — and nightmares of a Nazi death camp torturer, a sadistic psychopath called “The Little Angel.” Then a psychiatrist, a rabbi, and an FBI agent discover that the dreamers are being brutally murdered. Or, rather: they are being murdered again. 

For the nightmares are desperate screams by millions of broken, butchered souls, trying to warn the living: The Little Angel has found a path back from the abyss of the damned, and is opening the world to history’s most demonic monsters. And he can be stopped only by those he has already slaughtered . . .


The Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Resurrectionist and The Blood of the Lamb, Thomas F. Monteleone returns to his uniquely powerful vision of the Millennium’s wonder and terror: a time of miracles, myths, nameless forces, and unparalleled evil.


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