The Resurrectionist by Thomas F. Monteleone — eBook


Youthful, charismatic, ruthless, Senator Thomas Flanagan always knew he was destined for greatness. Then his jetliner goes down over the Florida Everglades, and his astonishing gift for healing reveals itself. With the mere touch of his hand, Flanagan raises from the dead his best friend, a young cancer patient, even his own son. The world begins to hail a new savior. But those who have been resurrected, and, most of all, Flanagan himself, will discover that his gift comes with a dark legacy — and exacts a horrifying price no mortal can ever willingly pay.

“A political chiller.” — Baltimore Sun

“A knockout… buttonholes the reader in the first few pages and irresistably pulls him into a world of wonders, terrors, shocks, and miracles.” — Peter Straub


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