Borderlands 1

Borderlands 1 edited by Thomas F. Monteleone


FINALLY IN DIGITAL – Edited by Thomas F. Monteleone — the breakthrough anthology BORDERLANDS is ready to entertain, thrill, and challenge a new generation of readers. Complete with the original introductions to each story by the editor.  This volume contained TWO Bram Stoker Award winning stories: “The Calling” by David B. Silva, and “Stephen” by Elizabeth Massie.

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Product Description

The most terrifying whistle you’ve ever heard . . . 

The man who peels souls . . . 

A High-tech corporation’s fearsome “Pounding Room” . . . 

The hottest sex this side of Hell . . . 

Prepare to cross over the cutting edge into a hitherto unexplored region–where imagination soars on leather wings, feeding its most loathsome desires . . . driven by its deepest, most hideous needs. Few writers have had the talent to map this uncharted terrain–fewer still, the raw, cold nerve even to seek it out. But now Karl Edward Wagner, T.E.D.Klein, and many other stunningly innovative masters of the grotesque are ready to lead you beyond terror’s farthest frontiers . . . to confront the unspeakable nightmares that lurk in the darkest hidden corners of the mind. Welcome to the BORDERLANDS.


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