A Little Orange Book of Odd Orchestrations by Arthur Conan Doyle — Limited Edition, Signed by the Editor


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The 1st Book in our Past Masters of Horror & Fantasy Series V!

Since our Series IV of Past Masters was so popular, we will continue with a new Series to present the works of writers who deserve the recognition and appreciation of new generations of readers!

Our first title in Series V with be none other than than Arthur Conan Doyle, the world-famous creator of that brilliant detective—Sherlock Holmes. Rather than rehash any of the Homes stories, editor Whitbeck has compiled a batch of stories most readers of Doyle have probably never encountered. This little book is a true treasure because it opens up the trove of tales beyond Holmes. (Can you say “Professor Challenger”?)

From the Introduction by editor Mark W. Whitbeck:

He came up with Sherlock Holmes while working as a doctor, launching the character in “A Study in Scarlet.” This brilliant detective and his sidekick Dr. John Watson captured readers’ imaginations around the world. Beyond Holmes, Doyle wrote historical novels, science fiction, and explored spiritualism later in life—a belief system that claimed to communicate with the dead.

In Doyle’s exploration of spiritualist themes, he challenged conventional beliefs and invited readers to question their understanding of reality and imagination. Through his writings, he blurred the line between fiction and reality, sparking conversations about unseen forces and mysterious phenomena that lie just beyond our perception. With an open mind and keen observation, Doyle unveiled a world where magic intertwined with everyday life, leaving room for wonderment and contemplation in equal measure.

Conan Doyle also founded the Crimes Club, a real-life detective club in the early 20th century. The club was made up of high-profile members, including judges, lawyers, and detectives. They would gather to discuss and solve criminal cases that intrigued them. Doyle himself participated actively in the club, often sharing his own thoughts and theories on cases. The club served as a way for like-minded individuals to come together and explore their interest in crime solving.


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