The Nocturnia Chronicles Trilogy — Ltd Edition Signed by the Authors Wilson & Monteleone

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The great Young Adult series by Tom Monteleone & F Paul Wilson!

The Nocturnia Chronicles  reveal a parallel world where all our favorite monsters live in their own nation-states and are gathering for an invasion of our world, which they call “Humania.” If you have young readers who love dark fantasy and horror, this is a series full of clever adventure and mystery and even a few chills.

Readers follow the bizarre and sometimes chilling adventures of Ryan and Emma as they search the weird realms of many creature nations for their lost older brother, Telly. They are hunted by Falzon, the rakshasa leader of a world-wide movement to form a super-army that will eventually invade the parallel world of humans.

Hardcover. Numbered and signed by Paul and Tom.

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