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Nightworld by F. Paul Wilson—Signed & Numbered Limited Edition


This is the sixth and final volume of The Adversary Cycle. It is available in a limited edition signed by the author. Matching numbers if you intend to collect the entire 6-volume series. Non-matching numbers if you only want selected individual volumes.

This is the way the world ends . . . not with a bang but a scream in the dark.
It begins at dawn, when the sun rises late. Then the holes appear. The first forms in Central Park, in sight of an apartment where Repairman Jack and a man as old as time watch with growing dread. Gaping holes, bottomless and empty . . . until sundown, when the first unearthly, hungry creatures appear.
Nightworld brings F. Paul Wilson’s Adversary Cycle and Repairman Jack saga to an apocalyptic finale as Jack and Glaeken search the Secret History to gather a ragtag army for a last stand against the Otherness and a hideously transformed Rasalom
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