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  • Books, Coming Soon, Hardcover, Little Book Series, Preorder

    A Little Black Book of Bedevilment by Algernon Blackwood — Signed, Limited Edition

    Available on December 17, 2022. $32.50
  • Out of StockAuthors, Coming Soon, Hardcover, Little Book Series, Preorder, William Hope Hodgson

    A Little Jasmine Book of M. R. James – edited and illustrated by Stephen Jones — Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition (Copy)


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  • Available Now, Books, Featured, Paperback, Thomas F. Monteleone

    Timewalker—A New Novella by Thomas F. Monteleone — Signed Trade Paperback

  • Out of StockArthur Machen, Authors, Books, Hardcover, Little Book Series

    A Little Brown Book of Unnatural Narratives by Arthur Machen – edited by Bentley Little — Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition