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Borderlands 7

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The current volume of the continuing anthology series that has garnered awards and praise for its contributors and editors for more than twenty-five years. It is a non-themed gathering of stories that push the boundaries of genre fiction with provocative tales of the surreal and the weird.

You will find no zombies, no serial killers, no vampires, no ghosts . . . or any other familiar genre tropes or icons within these pages. Borderlands fiction is typified by its absolutely untypical nature. The editors offer herewith a wide range of fiction varying in tone, length, style, and theme. The path to the Borderlands of contemporary, imaginative fiction is traveled by writers who believe they can write a story that is so unique and memorable it demands to be a part of this current volume. The result is a grand amalgam of respected masters, solid veterans, and bold newcomers.

After reading many hundreds of submissions, the editors are proud to present an All-Star cast.

And they are: Meghan Arcuri, Michael Bailey, Gary A. Braunbeck,  Michael Scott Bricker, Cory Cone, Roby Davies, John DeChancie. Louis Dixon, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Felicia Lee, Bentley Little, Lisa Mannetti, Richard Christian Matheson, Robert McCammon, Donna J. W. Munro, Stephanie Pendley Paul, Bill Pronzini, Stephen Mark Rainey, Lucy A. Snyder, Daniel Waters, Tim Waggoner, Paul Wilson, and Leo Zaccari.

Borderlands 5 and Borderlands 6 both won the Bram Stoker Award for Anthology. With that line-up of talented writers,  Borderlands 7  is primed for a Three-Peat!

Limited to 26 Copies

Picture of the Nocturnia Trilogy, all three books



A great YA series by Tom Monteleone & F Paul Wilson! The Nocturnia Chronicles  reveal a parallel world where all our favorite monsters live in their own nation-states and are gathering for an invasion of our world, which they call “Humania.” If you have young readers who love dark fantasy and horror, this is a series full of clever adventure and mystery and even a few chills.

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