The Pirates of Perilous by John DeChancie — Trade Paperback


We are happy to present the long awaited new title in the Castle Perilous series.

“Madcap science fantasy . . . fun-filled adventure!” —Booklist

“Mystery, adventure, and wit. DeChancie delivers!” —Mike Resnick

“The characters sparkle with life . . . I’ve enjoyed every book DeChancie has written!”  —Steven Brust

 “A wild and original fantasy novel. CASTLE PERILOUS is just plain nifty!” —Craig Shaw Gardner




Castle Perilous is a dangerous place to live. But some of its Guests are danger addicts.

It’s been years since Gene Ferraro, champion swordsman, has had a real adventure. He finds a swashbuckling world of pirates and manages to have a rousing time battling zombies, vampires, and an evil empire or two.

Linda Barclay, resident Castle mage, reluctantly accompanies him but finds more romance than she ever expected.

Meanwhile, back at the Castle, its magic goes awry (what again?—that trick never works!) and Lord Incarnadine decides to fix it once and for all. To do so, he has to violate the laws of . . . not just the Universe, but the Multiverse.

Cleve Dalton, mild-mannered retiree, finds himself a pawn in a game of dragons.

There’s more, much more, in the latest adventure set in the castle with 144,000 doorways to other worlds—CASTLE PERILOUS.

( Why read the 9th book in a series? Read it, you’ll have no problems with it. And after you do, you will want to read the other 8 books—all available online in paper or electronic format.)


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