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NOTHING O’CLOCK Lettered Edition—SIGNED by Neil


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Nothing O’Clock by Neil Gaiman

Dr.Who Novella

When the BBC enlisted a variety of bestselling British authors to a collection celebrating “the twelve doctors” of their Doctor Who series,they included Neil Gaiman in the mix. Gaiman contributed a novella entitled “Nothing O’Clock” which depicts Doctor Who with the task of saving all of time and space from slipping off into abject nothingness. Fans of both the Doctor Who series and the whimsical genius of Neil Gaiman will be charmed by his unique contribution to the canon.

This is a rare copy of the Lettered Edition labeled “PC”—one of the few Presentation Copies (beyond the 52 copy limitation letters) reserved for the contributors, the BBC, and the publishers—a joint imprint by Borderlands Press and Gauntlet Press.

This pristine edition features the hand-made, silk moiré-lined, display case in the shape of the Tardis; hand-painted endpapers; satin ribbon marker; leather binding; and silver stamping.

The book is SIGNED by Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill (who wrote the Introduction), and Brian Keene (who wrote the  Afterword).


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