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A Little Bronze Book of Greebles by Owen King – Numbered & Signed Limited Edition


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For our 13th title in Series III, we give you a wondrous gathering of fiction and non-fiction from Owen King, which he calls “greebles” in and affectionate nod to David Foster Wallace.

“The old Wallabies were from Pemulis’s older brother’s incomplete public-school career and had boogerish little greebles of dirty gum all around the soles’ perimeter.”

— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jests

Owen King puts it best:


This book is a compilation of occasional pieces I’ve published from the last decade or so, plus a couple of very short stories that I never got around to doing anything about. While many of these pieces are easily accessible on the Internet, I’ve given almost all of them a bit of extra polish for reprinting, as well as adding a few notes here and there. I can’t discern a theme among the set; I just know that these are the loose writings that I liked the best on rereading, the ones that stuck to me like the gunk on the soles of Pemulis’s older brother’s Wallabies. I hope you like them.



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