Definitely Not Kansas by Tom Monteleone & F. Paul Wilson (SIGNED by the authors!)


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First Time Available in Trade Paperback Edition!

Volume One of the YA trilogy—The Nocturnia Chronicles by two of the genre’s award-winning, best-selling writers.

Definitely Not Kansas is the first volume of a series for both adults and young readers, middle grades and up.

Hoping to find their missing older brother, Emma and Ryan find themselves in the path of an enormous F-5 twister. Before they are swept into the vortex, a hole opens in the air and they are pulled into a parallel world peopled by all the creatures from human horror stories: werewolves, vampires, zombies, trolls, and others.

Welcome to Nocturnia, where the monsters have their own nation states and humans are either slaves, or food, or both. Where even the flowers will suck your blood if you venture near. As Emma and Ryan search for a way home, they come to suspect they did not arrive in Nocturnia by accident. But if not, why are they here?  Are their destinies somehow entwined with this nightmare world?



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