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SUBMERGED by Thomas F. Monteleone — Hardcover SIGNED


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A thriller in the tradition of Ken Follett and Robert Ludlum, Submerged chronicles the unique history of the U-5001, a Nazi secret weapon that could have changed the course of World War II, and it’s the story of two men who become inextricably connected to the submarine.

Submerged follows them in a narrative that spans generations of adventure and mystery, echoing the tales of Poe and Lovecraft at their most strange. As the paths of these men’s lives converge, a third element surfaces to influence the decisions of both men—decisions that will shape the future of civilization in ways never imagined . . .

The latest and greatest novel by master storyteller Thomas F. Monteleone is not to be missed!

“Monteleone has created a masterful novel that hopefully doesn’t end at the last page. His two protagonists appear to be cut from the same cloth yet hold distinct differences, becoming extraordinary characters in a thriller that harkens to the best of Clive Cussler and Ken Follett yet with a darker tinge that may just remind the reader of how Lovecraft might have sounded like if he took a turn towards this genre. May be the best thriller of the year.”                                                                                                                                                               —Monster Librarian.

“Monteleone is an accomplished writer (his 1992 novel The Blood of the Lamb won a Bram Stoker Award) and with a genre-blending plot that combines WWII submarine thriller (see Edward L. Beach¹s classic Run Silent, Run Deep) with a story of modern-day maritime archaeology and adventure (see Clive Cussler), this book is sure to garner him some new and enthusiastic fans.”                                                                                                                                     —Booklist

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