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A Little Gray Book of Grisly Tales by Richard Connell — Limited Edition Signed by the Editor


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The 10th Book in our Past Masters of Horror Series (IV)!

From the Introduction by editor Tom Connair:

Although Richard Connell’s most well-known story was commonly found in high school curriculums for decades, it’s now possible that some readers have forgotten his name. Sheepishly, I acknowledge myself as one such person. Or I was, until four words were spoken: “The Most Dangerous Game.” Immediately, the details and excitement came rushing back to the forefront of my brain. The ultimate tale of tables being turned, Connell’s story has become iconic, a macabre masterpiece, and very possibly the most influential short story of the twentieth century and beyond.

Throughout these stories, you’ll see newspaper headlines, advertising and marketing copy, obituaries, and even courtroom testimony that will cause you to regret the times you’ve scoffed or winced when someone has suggested that words can be “harmful.” Forget trigger or content warnings. No admonishments, sincere or facetious, can prepare you for the twisty, grim tales that follow.

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