A Little Fuchsia Book of Fears by Sheridan Le Fanu — Limited Edition Signed by the Editor


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The 8th Book in our Past Masters of Horror Series (IV)!

From the Editor’ Introduction:

There are certain authors of eras bygone whose works simply still resonate today, and Le Fanu is one of them. He wrote across multiple fiction genres—horror, mystery, Gothic, historical, etc.—and if you should pick up his stories now, over 150 years later, they are still compelling. Still emotionally relevant. Still ridiculously sublime in their careful study of crumbling sanity, otherworldly forces, and occultic thrills

Enclosed in this Little Book by Borderlands Press are but five short tales selected from the catalogue of one of history’s most revered authors of the dark and mysterious. There are many other reasons to seek out more of Le Fanu’s work, but I needn’t go any further, for in reading what follows, his work will surely speak for itself.

This one is signed by the editor, Eric Guignard—Stoker Award-winning writer and editor

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