A Little Gold Book of Grotesqueries by Edgar Allan Poe — Limited Edition, Signed by the Editor


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The 15th (and final ) Book in our Past Masters of Horror Series IV!

This is going to be a very special addition to our “Little Books” Series and we anticipate selling out quickly . . so PLEASE pre-order in a timely fashion.

From the Introduction by editor Thomas F. Monteleone

What can I say about Poe that hasn’t already been said hundreds/thousands of times? What you hold in your hands is a mere sampling of a master’s work, and the best it can do is serve as a collectible testament to the writer’s tortured brilliance.

I have included some of Poe’s signature poems (which demonstrate his lyrical sense of rhythm, meter, and rhyme in ways not seen again until maybe A. E Housman.)

And of course, the stories—I tried to make it a sampling of standard classics along with a few less familiar ones.

The old “needs no introduction” bromide actually obtains in the case of Edgar Allan Poe, and I believe me spending pages on such exposition is not all that necessary or enlightening. I think we can all agree Poe’s work speaks for itself—revealing his brilliance as well as his weltanschauung and psychological state of being. However, for the more scholarly among you, I have included an Appendix containing collections and essays of heavy-duty critiques of our author.

And so rather than re-invent the wheel, let me personalize this collection a bit, by sharing with you how your editor first became acquainted with the author . . . .



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