A Little Silver Book of Supernatural Stories by H. P. Lovecraft — Limited Edition, Signed by the Editor


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The 14th Book in our Past Masters of Horror Series IV!

This is going to be a very special addition to our “Little Books” Series and we anticipate selling out quickly . . so PLEASE pre-order in a timely fashion.

From the Introduction by editor S. T. Joshi

As the work of H. P. Lovecraft (1890–1937) has now reached a worldwide audience and has been adapted into all manner of media, from films to television to comic books to role-playing games to video games and more, it is difficult to remember that he did not have a single book of his stories published in his lifetime, and that he considered himself a failure in both a commercial and an aesthetic sense. But such a fate often falls upon those artists who revolutionize their fields, and Lovecraft certainly did that.

Most of the stories he wrote during his final decade are too long to reprint here, but “The Call of Cthulhu” retains vitality as his initial foray into this complex and ever-developing pseudo-mythology.

With this story and its successors, Lovecraft established the genre of weird fiction as a means of conveying both terror and philosophical depth. For all that he was a “failure” (judged purely by commercial considerations) in his lifetime, he ultimately achieved a success unprecedented in the annals of literature. His work is now disseminated across the globe, and he himself has become a cultural icon. In this sense, his posthumous career is a “weird tale” far stranger than anything he ever wrote.




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