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The Hogben Chronicles by Henry Kuttner


Together for the first time! All five tales of the amazing Hogben family by Henry Kuttner.

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This beautiful hardcover has been edited by Pierce Watters and F. Paul Wilson, and includes an Introduction by Neil Gaiman.

Also available in Trade Paperback.


Wait . . . did you just say “Who’s Henry Kuttner?” Good question. This gifted writer has been largely forgotten.


Maybe because he died young (at age 42). Maybe because he published under too many pseudonyms (seventeen). Or maybe because novels weren’t his thing. His strength was in the short form and those tend to be ephemeral. Then again, maybe he’s off the radar because he didn’t stick to one genre.


He wrote horror (“The Graveyard Rats”), sword and sorcery (the Elak of Atlantis series), science fiction (“The Twonky”), whimsical fantasy (“A Gnome There Was”), and unclassifiables such as the mutant hillbilly tales collected here.


We respect Henry Kuttner, especially these five stories—love them, in fact. That’s why we’ve gathered them between a single set of covers. So that you can love them too.

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