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The Rambo Trilogy by David Morrell — numbered, signed, limited edition


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Called “the father of the modern action novel,” FIRST BLOOD changed the genre. Although the book and the film adaptation have similarities, they are very different, especially the novel’s unexpected ending, its greater intensity, and its deeper characterization. If you’ve only experienced the film, you’re in for a surprise.

Once they were soldiers. Rambo, the ragged kid whose presence in town is considered a threat. And Teasle, the Chief of Police of Madison, Kentucky. Both have been trained to kill: Rambo in Vietnam, Teasle in Korea. They learned different military tactics, different ways of death and survival in two different wars. Now, without warning, they are enemies in a civilian combat that becomes a chase through the woods and mountains and caves above the town. As we follow them, we understand that once a man has been trained as a killer, he is changed forever.

When the Stallone’s RAMBO became an iconic film which spawned two sequels, David Morrell teamed up with the screenwriters to produce two sequel novels to FIRST BLOOD.

The entire trilogy in signed limited editions is now available for a special package price.


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