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Rakoshi by F. Paul Wilson — Signed & Numbered Limited Edition


This is the third volume of The Adversary Cycle. It is available in a limited edition signed by the author. Matching numbers if you intend to collect the entire 6-volume series. Non-matching numbers if you only want selected individual volumes.


    You know it as The Tomb, but the author always wanted it to be published under its original title:


    And it is now available as part of Borderlands Press’s Adversary Cycle!

    First published as The Tomb in the fall of 1984 in two simultaneous editions: A very limited-run hardcover from Whispers Press, and a mass market paperback from Berkeley Books that shot onto the New York Times Bestseller List

    In the twenty years since its original publication it has never been out of print. The reason? Besides being a breakneck-paced terror thriller, it introduced Repairman Jack, a character who captured the hearts and imaginations of readers across the globe.

    Years later, due to insistent demand, F. Paul Wilson relented and brought Jack back now and again in shorter works. In 1998, he began a series of Repairman Jack novels.

    But here is where it all began.

    Until now, if you wanted to own a hardcover of the novel, you’d have to lay out anywhere from $600-$800.

    Not anymore.

    Twenty years after it all began, Borderlands Press in publishing a special, limited, hardcover edition that is unique in a number of ways:

    It is the first edition published under the author’s original and preferred title: Rakoshi.

    It will include a forward by the author about the genesis of the novel and the reason its title was changed to The Tomb.

    Finally the text has been extensively edited and updated by the author to make this the definitive edition.

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